Friday, April 27, 2018

Reader, I married him

It certainly has been a long time - so long, in fact, that my name has changed! The Gentleman Friend is, indeed, no longer the Gentleman Friend but is now the Gentleman Husband.

We had a gorgeous wedding on New Years Eve in St. Paul, at my home parish, where I was baptized. And then we had the best New Years Eve party ever with our family and friends!

It was not a historical wedding, for a variety of reasons, but my veil was made for me as a wonderful, wonderful gift by Elizabeth Stewart Clark (she of Sewing Academy fame, and obviously an amazing friend). I asked for 14 feet, a bit longer than a cathedral veil. She decided it should be twenty feet. I wasn't easy to manage moving it (it took a team to haul it around), but it was a dream come true and very much worth it.

It's not related to reenacting, but here's some pictures:

Now that the wedding craziness is done, I'm looking forward to reviving this blog. Stay tuned!

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