Friday, February 27, 2015

New Adventures

Hi everyone! I'm just checking in while I sit here at the airport, waiting for my flight to board. I'm off on a mid-winter vacation to Washington, DC to visit my brother and his girlfriend. I'll be visiting lots of museums and hope to take a Civil War walking tour, so stay tuned for pictures and such.

After spending four days in The District (see, I can blend in!) I will be heading up to Harrisburg for the Civilian Symposium! You may know it by its former name, The Ladies and Gentleman of the Mid-19th Century Conference. This is a dream come true for me, and I'm super grateful to my reenacting group for helping to make it happen by providing me with some scholarship funds. I will be enjoying the lectures, drooling in the vendor room, and yes, I have a dress for the fancy-dress party. If you're going, I hope I'll see you there - make sure you say hi! And if you won't be there, I'll be sure to share lots of pictures.
Sneak fancy-dress preview...

I've been very busy getting ready for this! This winter has been a lesson in diligence as I replaced all the things I lost. I owe so much to some really generous friends who came through for me and provided me with some things, including a cage crinoline kit and some undergarments! Still and all, I had to wait for my new corset (courtesy of Originals By Kay) to get here, and had to build the new cage crinoline.
I had a little bit of help...

With a little luck and a prayer, I got it done in time for my group's ball last weekend! It felt so victorious to get dressed up and put on the Empress Gown again. I even got a decent full-length shot of it - I know, it's only been two years...

Now that that's done, I still have a couple other things to get done, like another petticoat or two and some more chemises and drawers, and plenty more to procure, but I'm just glad I can get dressed up for the Symposium.

My flight will be boarding in just a few minutes - and yes, this time I am carrying on all my Civil War we go!