Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pretty Pretty Princess

We here out on the prairie have been hit with a blizzard. Last night, on the NOAA website, they announced a blizzard warning - not a winter storm, a BLIZZARD. When you hear that, you know you're going to be hit hard. So far it hasn't looked too bad outside. But the wind is blowing furiously. We've been advised not to go outside, and of course I am one to obey orders, so I've stayed in my pajamas all day, snuggled up on the couch.

It seemed the perfect day to get some sewing done. I fixed the hem facing on the skirt of my ballgown. It was bunching a little funny. I'm afraid I'll have to eventually undo the skirt and redo it - I've lost some weight recently and thankfully I've just been able to take in the waistband at this point, but I'm afraid things will need to be rebalanced.

I have no pictures - all pictures right now would be with the auto-timer on my rinky-dink Kodak Easyshare, and wouldn't do justice to how beautiful the gown really is. So when it is all done, and I'm all dressed up for the ball, I will have someone take some photos.

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