Wednesday, March 23, 2011

There and Back Again!

I apologize once again for the extended absence! My computer went to that eternal resting place, where there shall be no more backups or updates. It took a month of poking at it to finally figure out that the power supply was shot. So I am currently writing to you from my new laptop - which incidentally needs a new name, and I am very uncreative in that regard, so please comment with suggestions!

The bad part about my computer being dead was...well, a complete inability to get anything done! I do quite a bit on my computer - I am recording secretary for my reenacting club, which means I need my computer to type notes. I am also taking graduate school classes online, which means I need my computer to attend class and complete my work. I'm just basically addicted to my email and Facebook.

There was a good side, however. I got quite a bit of sewing done!

I finished the Epic, Infamous Smoking Cap. This was one of the first things I've ever been commissioned for, and it was...well, epic. That's violet silk thread on green velvet, which was inspired by a mention in Peterson's for that combination in a smoking cap. All that embroidery is done by hand, which was a real learning experience. I am very proud of how well it turned out, and how happy my client is.

I also decided to try my hand at a tucked petticoat. I finished this beauty last weekend, just in time for the ball, so I did not get pictures of it, but I will try to get some later. If you haven't noticed, I'm the worst at remembering to get pictures...

And there we are, enjoying the ball this past weekend. It was a lovely time, as always, with great company, excellent dancing, and wonderful food.

And that is where I have been!

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Ada said...

Betsy, the smoking cap is absolutely gorgeous. You should be proud!