Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A fresh start

Alright, folks, let's just get it over with. I should have kept up with this. I really should have. A blog isn't a blog without a blogger! But life swallowed me up, and as I've said elsewhere on here, sometimes you need to experience life rather than record it. Well, I've come full circle on that; one isn't a writer if one is not writing, and I've really missed the self-exploratory writing of some of my blogging ventures. So I'm going to commit to updating this here thing twice a week, and also commit to not feeling guilty if I don't or can't, and to just keep moving forward.

To sum up the last year and a half: work, travel, more work, more travel, purple sheer, pink-and-grey calico, mourning dress, empress ballgown, several shawls, kidney stone/removal surgery (let's just not even talk about that one), amazing events, finger-guns with Abe Lincoln, plenty of dancing and laughter.

I hope to catch up on all of these topics at some point, but I'm way more interested in moving forward than on trying to catch up. Rest assured, there will be picspams aplenty!

Spring is always a great time to freshen things up a bit. It's when I look forward to throwing open the windows and getting the first whiff of fresh air in my living space since last fall. So I threw up a new template here, provided by the good folks at Shabby Blogs. Isn't it darling? It reminds me of the beautiful embellishment one sees on old dressers and trunks.

So, to whit: I am back. Get ready.

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Ada Igoe said...

It's good to have you back!