Thursday, June 12, 2014

Historical Food Fortnightly Challenge #1

It's here! The Historical Food Fortnightly (which I've taken to calling the HFF for expediency's sake) has kicked off. Our first challenge was Literature - foods from literature, or inspired by literature. I thought it was a good way to start off - not too challenging, but still requires research, and tickles one's creative fancy.

I chose plum puffs from Anne of Avonlea. I blogged about the experience over at  the HFF blog. Melissa also posted her results for baked apples from Emma, which look super delicious!

I've been absolutely blown away by the enthusiasm for this project. It's been so amazing to see how many people are participating, and how enthusiastic they are. The Facebook group has been full of inspiration and encouragement. We're also supporting each others' bad food decisions - there was a consensus made this evening that anything with the word "bread" included in the name can be eaten for breakfast, including breadcake (totally legit, right?). It's just so cool to see a little brainstorm that I had turn into a worldwide phenomenon!

This weekend I'll be posting some highlights from other participants, and teasing the next challenges over on the HFF blog - keep an eye out for it!

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