Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I am in love

Remember in my past post how much I talked about the Christmas presents that need to get done? I'm still working on them. I have one last present to finish (sorry Dad! I left my needles at your house, slippers will be coming forthwith!). Most of them got done on time, and looked fabulous.

That's with no thanks to my current distraction. For you see, I've fallen in love. With millinery.
I really bought a bonnet kit (okay, asked for it for my birthday) because I couldn't afford a new bonnet. I desperately needed a new one. My only fashion bonnet has been working overtime for 8 years, and it's starting to show - it's a bit dented, and just getting slightly droopy. So rather than shell out the big bucks for a professionally made one, I decided with some trepidation to try my hand at millinery. I figured I'd create something that looked average-to-middling, lose my mind in the process, and swear off bonnet making for the rest of eternity.

It was an AWESOME decision. I REALLY enjoyed it. Everything was just the right level of fussy, but not too fussy. I think I forgot just how much fun it is to see a pile of supplies/material come together into a work of art. Having sewn three dresses in two years meant the process had become a bit of a yawn for me. Trying something totally new and different had woken me up again.
I'm super proud of my finished product. Millinery may just be a new obsession for me. A girl can never have too many hats, right?

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