Monday, January 10, 2011

New Years Resolutions

I've never been one for New Year's resolutions. I tend to think that if you notice something you want to change in your life, or think of a goal you'd like to set, you should set it and get started on it immediately, or as convenient, depending on the goal. However, the beginning of the year is as good a time as any to look back on one's accomplishments, and consider where one wants to go.

In the last year, I did the following:
  • Sewed a new set of undergarments, which I consider to be the best set I ever sewed, having worked out all the kinks (a pinchy waistband, not enough fullness, not long enough, etc.)
  • Finished the gray wool governess dress.
  • Created a headdress to go with my ballgown, which I consider a feat as it was the first time I ever took something from an illustration, with no pattern.
  • Started and finished the gray calico dress.
  • Missed out on almost every event this summer due to surgery.
  • Threw the party of the year and raised a lot of money for a worthy cause.
  • Learned a LOT about sanitary fairs and society in St. Paul in the 1860s
  • Learned more about parlor games and held a workshop.
  • Got my first commission for a smoking cap.
  • Constructed my first bonnet.
In 2011, I hope to accomplish:
  • Create two new sets of undergarments, including at least one over-the-hoop petticoat.
  • Sew a new purple sheer dress.
  • Sew a new wrapper.
  • Reconstruct my work dress (reset skirt, take in sides of bodice)
  • Finish the smoking cap.
  • The bonnet has brought about a couple of possible commissions; hopefully those will pan out!
  • Potentially, a paletote (depending on job/financial situation this fall)
  • Hopefully a cage crinoline (my old hoop has seen better days!)
  • Some potential knitting commissions for sontags.
  • Outside of clothing, I want to work more on my etiquette. I know the rules and how they work, but I have a hard time putting them into practice. I am afraid I'm too much of a goofball, and would never be considered "ladylike" in the 1860s. I need to work on putting that into practice.
  • I'd also like to learn a bit more about period cooking, and have a couple signature dishes that I can create.
  • Stay healthy enough to attend all the events I can this summer.
I feel like I have come a long way this year. One of the most exciting things is all the praise I'm getting for a few of the things I make. As mentioned above, people really like my bonnet. I'm always amazed when people like the things I do, because I think creating them is such a selfish act - they're always for me to consume/wear. However, knowing that other people like my stuff, enough to pay me to make it for them, is exciting. Creating a side career out of what I really love to do (researching and creating period clothing) is an exciting possibility.

Here's wishing a happy, healthy, and productive new year to all of you!

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